"I don't need an alarm clock. My ideas wake me."

- Writer Ray Bradbury

Do you have stories to tell but no one to tell them? Are you worried that your company or organization has untapped storytelling opportunities? I’m a writer for hire interested in talking with you.

I'm searching for my next career opportunity while reaching out to people in need of a professional writer for temporary assignments. I love talking about the writing process and helping others come up with ideas for possible stories. 

The clock's ticking. Do you have stories to tell? Let me know before they get old.


I jumped (and read) tall piles of books as a kid. My love of storytellers inspired me to become a journalist and start writing creatively. Now, as a professional writer and communicator, I attempt to turn writing into a superpower so I can help people and organizations find their voice.

I started writing for the greater good as a journalist 25 years ago. I wrote about people doing good things, watchdogged to catch those up to no good, and captured the color of my community by writing feature stories.

Since then I’ve added school public relations and freelance writing to my list of missions, but my passion stays the same. I love to uncover storytelling opportunities and bring them to the light of day.

It takes searching for clues like a detective to find that just right angle or subject often hiding in the shadows. It’s hard work that sometimes makes me curse under my breath as I try to brainstorm the best way to cast a net. But it’s the work that I enjoy doing.

Is writing a superpower missing on your team? Let’s chat.

Examples of my work

What watching Anthony Bourdain taught me about storytelling

I had been an Anthony Bourdain binge watcher at different times of my life. I discovered him when he hosted “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel. I later grew as a fan as I watched the more reserved Bourdain on “Parts Unknown.” He had all the skills that I wanted to have as a storyteller.