Hi, I’m Kurt. I love hearing and sharing stories. I love it so much that I’ve dedicated my career to being a storyteller.

I’ve had the opportunity to hear a lot of inspirational stories, first as a journalist then as a communications director. My heroes are the people who’ve let me tell their stories. My passion is writing their stories.

Stories have the power to change things. They can make you smile or laugh, gain support or spur outrage. Being a storyteller takes knowing which stories fit which situations.

That isn’t enough in today’s society. It also takes knowing just how much of a story to tell and how to tell it, whether it’s a story in a newspaper, a few paragraphs in a blog or a few lines in a tweet. After all, a story’s only powerful if people hear it all.

I hope that you’re reading this because you have inspirational stories to tell and need a storyteller to tell them. I want to tell your stories, use those stories to tell people why you matter and why they should care. I’m seeking out the next step in my career as I hope to work hard for things that are worth it. I want to be inspired as part of your team.

Read on if you want to know more about my story. Reach out if you want to swap stories about your goals and how I can help you meet them. If you want to collaborate or just say hi, that’s cool too.

Kurt D. Moore

Examples of my work

What watching Anthony Bourdain taught me about storytelling

I had been an Anthony Bourdain binge watcher at different times of my life. I discovered him when he hosted “No Reservations” on the Travel Channel. I later grew as a fan as I watched the more reserved Bourdain on “Parts Unknown.” He had all the skills that I wanted to have as a storyteller.